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If she could, Tania McCartney would live inside a book, and as an author, illustrator and editor—she kind of already does. An experienced magazine and book editor, independent publisher, features writer and columnist, Tania has almost 30 years’ experience in magazines and publishing. She also has a decade’s experience in book layout, design and typography, and currently has 31 books in print or in production.

In 2013, Tania began reconnecting with illustration and is now creating digital and hand-rendered works, specialising in watercolour, ink and printing techniques. Her first self-illustrated book, Australia Illustrated, was released in November 2016. In 2017, she is working on her first illustration commission for the National Library of Australia (a collaboration with Jackie French), and she recently finished her first large-scale illustrated map for children.

The founder of Kids’ Book Review and the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, she is also an experienced speaker and presenter, running workshops for schools and organisations such as the ACT Writers Centre, the ASA, CBCA and SCBWI. Her festival experience includes the CBCA National Conference, SCBWI Conference and the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore.

Tania’s books have won awards and shortlistings, and have been released in Australia, NZ, the UK, the US, Canada and China. A National Library author, she is also published by several trade publishers, specialising in picture books, non-fiction and junior fiction. Recent awards include two CBCA Notable books, the Laurie Copping Award for Distinguished Service to Children’s Literature 2017, and the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award 2017 for Smile Cry. See more here.

Tania loves calendars, maps, gardening, yoga, wasabi, nutmeg, sparkling mineral water, paper and photos, and very best of all... sprouting a love of reading in children. A juvenile literacy champion, she is a past ambassador for the National Year of Reading and a current ambassador for the Chief Minister's Reading Challenge (ACT).

Tania has lived in France, England and China, and currently lives just outside the ACT with her family, a forest of artwork and a mountain of books.

For more, including information on achievements and awards, see Resume, below.

Tania is the founder of ...

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