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Thursday, 25 June 2015

I really do believe that sharing is caring, most especially when it comes to books. On my blog and via some external links, you'll find many and varied resources to help you on your writing or illustrating journey--and even if you don't write or illustrate (and are just a creative person trying to forge your ideal path), there's plenty here for you, too.

Listed below are several resources for you to enjoy and learn from. Most are free and the KBR eBooks are just $4.95.

There are articles, experiences, questions answered, and even an e-book crammed with almost 30 years of writing, editing and publishing experience.

I hope they help you shine, you clever thing.
A PDF e-book to complete at your leisure, with over 300 pages and more than 70 exercises to hone your skills and send you flying into the stratosphere. Learn more (and view a free sample) here.
Answers to an impressive line-up of questions on writing, publishing, illustrating, rights, school visits, and much more. See the entire list here.

KBR has been providing reviews and phenomenal resources for creators and teachers since 2009. Check it out here.
The Challenge, founded in 2014, is now in its third year and continues to go from strength-to-strength, honing and supporting the artistic skills of people from all over the world. The group exhibited for Arts Brookfield in Perth in May 2015, and has achieved countless opportunities for its members including magazine appearances, book contracts and more. You can ask to join this closed group right here. And see the blog here. 

Running alongside the 52-Week Illustration Challenge for 2017, here is your opportunity to create 52--yes you heard it right--52 picture book manuscripts in a single year. Can you do it? Yes you CAN! Learn more about it here.


Podcast: Writing and Illustrating for Children for the Your Creative Life series

Reading Suggestions for Picture Book Writers with Gus Gordon

Reading Suggestions for Middle Grade Fiction with Jen Storer

My Grammar Rant

Kids' Book Review: eBook: Picture Book Writing Tips

Kids' Book Review: Awards, Festivals and Events

Picture Book Writing Tips on DeeScribe 

Picture Book Collaboration Tips on DeeScribe

More Picture Book Collaboration Tips on DeeScribe

Five Writing Tips on DeeScribe

The Research Process on DeeScribe

The Types of Author You Don't Want to Be 

Letting Go {in Order to Follow Your Heart}

A Crash Course in Grammar and Punctuation

Career Evolvement


Podcast: Writing and Illustrating for Children for the Your Creative Life series

Finding Your Illustration Style

Happy [Illustration] Accidents

Illustration for Different Types of Books--and Dot Eyes!

Over 80 Favourite Illustrator websites 


Presenting Brilliant Sessions at Writers' Festivals and Schools

How to Be a Successful Writing Festival or Conference Delegate


Publisher's Insider with Anouska Jones, Senior Editor, Kids' Book Review


Kids' Book Review: eBook: Social Networking for Authors

Kids' Book Review: eBook: How to Get Your Book Reviewed

The Trials and Tribulations of Putting Yourself Out There

My Top Writing and Marketing Tips on DeeScribe

How NOT to Market Your Book 


Speechie's Couch with Jo Burnell, Editor, Kids' Book Review

Librarian's Shelf with Sarah Steed Consultant Librarian, Kids' Book Review

The Power of the Picture Book

Visual Literacy

Encouraging Children to Read for Pleasure, Part 1

Encouraging Children to Read for Pleasure, Part 2

Exploring Time and Place Through Children's Literature


For more fabulous resources.

Writing Classes for Kids and Adults
My Little Bookcase
Tristan Bancks
The Book Chook
Ellen Brock, Structuring and Editing Advice
Children's Books Daily
Delilah S Dawson, Writing Advice
The Book Designer
Soup Blog
Natasha Lester, Writing and Publishing Advice

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